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 GAG (Gente Ayudando Gente) is a US charity founded in 2001, that has been active for 12 years in Central America working with educational experts to find solutions to the enormous challenge of improving the education for students that attend public schools in the region.

The EDUCATE! Central America program has been developed from those experiences.

This website explains in detail, how modern educational improvements can alleviate the chronic unemployment that exists in Central America, eliminating the hopelessness of permanent poverty.

Over the last decade, the parents and local volunteers in the region, with the assistance of GENTE AYUDANDO GENTE (GAG), and without any cost to the government, have repaired schools, upgraded latrines to modern bathrooms, constructed classrooms and new school buildings.

AVEP Volunteers
Building Classrooms

GAG will solicit donations for materials delivered directly to the school site to provide the GAG volunteers with the materials needed to repair existing schools and build new schools to provide a proper learning environment.

GAG intends to expand these existing efforts in each country in the region, by enlisting the assistance of hundreds of thousands of parents and other local community volunteers, who have expressed a desire to provide a better future for their children.

Most of the existing Public Schools do not have a modern curriculum, teacher resources or enough secondary (High Schools) schools for a student to graduate at grade 12.

To provide a vital secondary (High School) education that does not exist in many communities, GAG has designed a MINI SCHOOL for grades 7 to 12. The facility is a simple, easy to assemble, concrete block structure with a corrugated fiber roof. Parents and local volunteers will provide free labor to construct the MINI SCHOOL.

The facility will consist of 3 large classrooms, containing 40 repurposed computers each, a study classroom with 250 repurposed computers and a modern bathroom. If a municipal water system is not available, in addition to large plastic cisterns to catch rainwater, a shallow water well will be drilled on the site to ensure water during the dry season. If there is no electricity, a diesel generator will be installed to provide the electric power needed.

Mini School

All the daily lessons and reference material will be in the GAG DIGITAL CURRICULUM for 12 primary subjects. Students will spend 3 hours each day in class and 3 hours per day in the study hall to complete the homework assignment at the MINI SCHOOL.

The MINI SCHOOL will have the capacity to educate 240 students per day utilizing the GAG DIGITAL CURRICULUM for grades 7 to 12. The MINI SCHOOL may also be utilized as a Community Learning Center, available for adult education in the evenings and weekends. The MINI SCHOOL will be a principal source of knowledge in each local community.

GAG estimates that 10,000 of these Mini secondary schools will be needed in the region, to educate a competent work force qualified for employment in the Global Internet Economy, without leaving their country!

Every school will have their own webpage on this website that will be maintained by Gente Ayudando Gente. The parents’ at each of the estimated 70,000 Public Schools in the Central American region will be able to tell the world what they need to improve the physical infrastructure and educational programs at their school. The progress achieved will be posted, with photos, on the schools webpage.

As we receive information and photos from the parent organization about each of the approximately 70,000 schools in the region, the information and photos will be posted immediately on the schools web pages. Each schools webpage will continually grow each day.



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